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Guide to the Liverworts of Oregon

This is the current draft of “Guide to Oregon Liverworts  © 2014.” It provides illustrated keys for the identification of all liverworts known to have been found in Oregon as of December, 2014. The keys work using your favorite web browser.  See the “Key to Hornworts” and “Key to Racomitrium” under the ID Keys tab of this website for examples of  this kind of HTML key. This “Guide” is shipped on DVD or flash drive. Purchasers may choose to receive a link to download the Guide directly to their computer. Users download it to a computer’s hard drive for most efficient work. Shipping costs included in the price. This does not run properly on Linux systems at this time. Update coming.

People who purchase this Guide may get an update at any time by by submitting $10. A new DVD or online link will be provided with the current version at that date. This offer is good indefinitely. Note: recent price reduction!!

Price: $50.00


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