Guide to Hornworts of Oregon: Anthoceros fusiformis Aust.


Hornworts 1b stalked ventral tubers absent > Hornworts 2a spores black > Anthoceros 1a spores rough on proximal face > Anthoceros fusiformis

Synonym: None

Special status: None

Recognition: Solitary chloroplasts in young epidermal cells characterize the family; black spores and a lamellate thallus with internal mucilage chambers characterize the genus. Examination of spores at high magnification is necessary to confirm species identification: this species has a smooth, unornamented strip on either side of the triradiate ridge with a network of protruberant ornamentation occupying the remainder of the proximal faces, contrasting with the smooth, pitted (foveolate) proximal faces of A. punctatus.

Distribution: On soil, usually recently disturbed, as road cuts, trail sides, or stream banks. Widespread at low elevations in western Oregon, quite common in southwestern Oregon. Representative specimens examined: Benton Co.: Marys Peak, Wagner m2433 (OSC); Clackamas Co.: Veda Lake, Evinger s.n. (OSC); Coos Co.: 2X4 Creek, Wagner 9371 (OSC); Curry Co.: Floras Creek, Sundberg 487 (ORE); Deschutes Co.: Tumalo Falls, Wagner 1584 (ORE); Grant Co.: Strawberry Mountain trail from south, Lyford 2385 (OSC); Jackson Co.: Slagle Creek, Wagner 9576 (OSC); Josephine Co.: Cave Creek, Wagner m1188 (DHW); Lane Co.: Wolf Creek, Wagner 6939 (OSC); Linn Co.: Santiam Highway at milespost 50 Wagner m2686 (DHW); Union Co.: Jubilee Lake, Kofranek 2624 (OSC); Wasco Co.: White River, Clery s.n. (OSC).

Comments: This species seems not to be present in urban sites; this species is native to western North America, previously thought to be endemic but more recently reported from Madagascar to Japan.

Anthoceros fusiformis - Left: Brice Creek, Lane County, April 2007. Right: Santiam Highway, Linn Co., DHW m2686.

Anthoceros fusiformis - Left: Mt. Pisgah, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW m2392. Right: Cave Creek, Josephine Co., Oregon, DHW m1188

Anthoceros fusiformis - Left: Santiam Highway, Linn Co., DHW m2686. Right: Linn Co., DHW m1329a.

Spores, upper two in distal view, lower three in proximal view. Santiam Highway, Linn Co., DHW m2688.

Spore in proximal view. Santiam Highway, Linn Co., DHW m2688.

Immature spores. Mt. Pisgah, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW m2392.

SEM spore images: distal, proximal, and side views. Calif., Riverside Co., Santa Ana Mts., Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. Doyle 7329 (UC); W.T. Doyle June 2007. Used with permission.


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