Guide to Hornworts of Oregon: Index to Species

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Click on the species name for a direct link to the species name. Synonyms are included in this index; clicking on a synonym will link to the name accepted in this work.

Anthoceros agrestis Paton

Anthoceros bulbiculosus Brot.

Anthoceros carolinianus Michx.

Anthoceros fusiformis Aust.

Anthoceros hallii Aust.

Anthoceros mohrii Aust.

Anthoceros oreganus Aust.

Anthoceros pearsonii M.A. Howe

Anthoceros punctatus L.

Anthoceros phymatodes M.A. Howe

Paraphymatoceros hallii (Aust.) Hässel de Menéndez

Paraphymatoceros pearsonii (M. Howe) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill

Phaeoceros bulbiculosus (Brot.) Prosk.

Phaeoceros carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk.

Phaeoceros hallii (Aust.) Prosk.

Phaeoceros laevis var. carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk.

Phaeoceros oreganus (Aust.) Hässel de Menéndez

Phaeoceros mohrii (Aust.) Hässel de Menéndez

Phaeoceros pearsonii (M.A. Howe) Prosk.

Phymatoceros bulbiculosus (Brot.) Stotler, Doyle, et Crandall-Stotler

Phymatoceros phymatodes (M. Howe) Duff, Villarreal, Cargill, et Renzaglia


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