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Racomitrium elongatum; Wolf Creek, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW 7384.

2a Leaf cells with high, conical papillae over cell lumens, several per cell on elongate cells; papillae always well developed on upper part of leaf; leaves generally with long hairpoints; dry plants with a frosted appearance due to the long hairpoints; leaf surface appearing dull and grayish when dry due to dense papillae; seta with a right handed twist, like the threads of a standard machine screw
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Racomitrium occidentalis; Slagle Creek, Jackson Co., Oregon. DHW 9488a.

2b Leaf surface smooth or with low, rounded to flat topped bumps or ridges; leaf tips with or without hair points; leaf surface often glossy; seta with a left handed twist, like the thread of a machine screw with reverse threads (except R. lawtoniae)
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Guide to Racomitrium of Oregon
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