Key to Species: 21

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Racomitrium obesum; Oregon Caves, Josephine County, Oregon. T.C. Frye s.n.

21a Costa 3-4 stratose in lower and middle part of leaf, with 4-9 adaxial cells; leaf cells only moderately pseudopapillose; infrequent at higher elevations
Racomitrium obesum Frisvoll

Racomitrium brevipes; Olive Lake, Grant County, OR. D. Kofranek 2304.

21b Costa 3 stratose in lower and middle part of leaf, with 6-9 adaxial cells; leaf cells strongly pseudopapillose, in section with globular bulges above the cross walls; rare, presently recorded only from NE Oregon, more common to north
Racomitrium brevipes Kindb. in Mac.


Guide to Racomitrium of Oregon
Created 2007 Northwest Botanical Institute