Key to Species: 4

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Racomitrium elongatum - Wolf Creek, Lane Co., Oregon. DHW 7384.

4a Hair point papillose, bent back from leaf tip; alar region with 10 - 15 quadrate to elongated, thin walled cells along the margin, the elongated cells not extending above the alar region; the most common species of subgenusNiphotrichum in Oregon
Racomitrium elongatum Ehrh. ex Frisv.

Racomitrium ericoides - Snohomish Co., Washington. Lesher4488c

4b Hair point relatively smooth and straight; alar and supra alar region with 15 - 25 thin walled, elongate cells on margin; elongated cells extending above alar cells into supra alar region; rare in Oregon
Racomitrium ericoides (Web. ex Brid.) Brid.


Guide to Racomitrium of Oregon
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